Pre-Game Lobby (PGL) was a webseries created by Michael Hyon Johnson in 2008 and ran for twelve episodes and seven "minisodes" over a period of two years.


PGL was a cross-breed of live action comedy intercut with "Machinima".  Machinima is the use of real-time computer or video game graphics engines to create a cinematic production.

Pre-Game Lobby tackled issues such as: racism and sexism inherent within the video-game community, alcohol abuse, and the dangers of the lemming effect in social media and pop-culture icons.

The series debuted on Machinima, Inc  and received an overwhelmingly positive response among men and women 13 - 25.  Pre-Game Lobby garnered over eight million cumulative views before being removed from Machinima, Inc's YouTube channel in 2016. 

Notable Cast:

Michael Johnson

Tuesday Smith

Mat Matusiak

Tristan Maxwell

Rebecca McCarthy

Brandon Koch


Ryan Melander

Austin Chizanskos

Blake Pasquale


Sadie "UltraNeko"