inside of plane

A cowardly high school loner obsessed with becoming a legend rallies a squadron of misfit cadets to bring home the prestigious grand prize trophy of the National Junior Military Drill Championship.


This coming of age feature film is currently in development in coordination with the Writer's Guild Foundation: Veterans Writing Group. 

Click here to see the treatment and lookbook.

lost the lead

After witnessing a violent swatting prank, a disgraced video game champion recruits a diverse group of nerds to take down his former corporate sponsor.

(TV Pilot: 1-Hr Drama/Comedy - Currently in Post-Production)

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Co Produced by Amanda Dyer and Christine Cho

Director of Photography - Robert Chuck

VFX Supervisor - Jameson Mitchell

Edited by Miles Wilson


Tristan Turner

Jaimie Leung

Keenan Gibson

Celia Schilling

Anika Kokatay

Aubrey Postier


Bennet Pollack Reeber

Landon Jacob Lee

this will destroy you

An Army soldier home on holiday hides her dark past from family and friends during a Memorial Day barbecue.

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson
Co Produced by Carlos Herrera Trujillo and Cheyton Jain
1st Assistant Director - Jameson Mitchell
Director of Photography - Keyhan Bayegan
Edited by Sydney Baker
Production Designer - Andrés Gaitán
Sound Design by Bin Lin
Original Score by Robert Mai
Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan

Gemma Scoble
Ryon Thomas
Nick Burchard
Ernest Steifel
William Brown III


Mia Makes A Cut Crease Video

An irreverent comedy about a young woman and her make-up tutorial.  Made for the Asian American Film Lab

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

UPM - Stefanie Bielecki

Director of Photography - Robert Chuck

1st AC - Anton Jiracek

Edited by Xueying Ou

Sound Design by Bin Lin

Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan


Rachel Marsh

LAURELS_TOP50 (1).png

A disillusioned military cadet blurs the line between masculinity and hyper-violence.

Written and Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Co Produced by Ryan James Lim and Jason Rodriguez

1st Assistant - Director James Slaven

Director of Photography - Charles Reetz

Edited by Alexandra Snider

Production Designer - Chandler Freelander

Sound Design by Peter Schweitzer

Original Score by Robert Mai

Colorist - Keyhan Bayegan

VFX Artist - Jameson Mitchell


Tommie Russell

JB Chimaobi

Austen Rey

Jordan Schneider

Cecilia Soghikian




Written by Marcus A. Carr

Directed by Michael Hyon Johnson

Director of Photography - Matthew Renoir

Production Sound - Bin Lin

Sound Design by Xueying Ou

VFX Artist - Ryan Monchak

The True Titans - AT&T/Warner Media/DC Comics Spec Promo

A spec promo for AT&T, Warner Media, and DC Comics for Veteran's Day. Created for the Veteran's In Media and Entertainment Fellowship 2022.

Directed/Edited by Michael Hyon Johnson

Written by Sarah Clark Hopkins and Melissa Milich

Additional VFX Ryan Monchak

Sound Re-Design Bo Pang


Pre-Game Lobby (PGL) was a webseries created by Michael Hyon Johnson. The series made its debut on Machinima, Inc in 2008  and received an overwhelmingly positive response among men and women 13 - 25.  Pre-Game Lobby ran for twelve episodes and seven "minisodes" and garnered over eight million cumulative views before being acquired by Warner Bros. Digital Networks.

Pre-Game Lobby tackled issues such as: racism and sexism inherent within the video-game community, alcohol abuse, and the dangers of the lemming effect in social media and pop-culture icons. The series is unique in that it's the first and only show that features co-mingled video gameplay and traditional live action. 

The artistic style machinima (machine cinema)is the use of real-time computer or video game graphics engines to create a cinematic production. 

Notable Cast:

Michael Johnson

Tuesday Smith

Mat Matusiak

Tristan Maxwell

Rebecca McCarthy

Brandon Koch


Ryan Melander

Austin Chizanskos

Blake Pasquale


Sadie "UltraNeko"