Michael Hyon Johnson is a half black, half South Korean writer and director who has produced award winning narrative short films, music videos, and branded content. Born in Camp Pendleton, San Diego; Michael comes from a family of veterans and enlisted into the Air Force following the September 11th attacks. Michael's work is heavily influenced by his experiences growing up in Colorado and his time in the military.

Michael has earned a BA from the University of Northern Colorado and MFA from Chapman University.  His first web-series, PreGame Lobby was distributed by Machinima, Inc and has garnered over eight million views without the use of animation or traditional cinematography.

Michael has worked as a freelance creative producer and director for companies such as: BuzzFeed, Machinima Inc, and is the co-founder of the video production company Story Mode.


Michael was recently selected as a mentee of the Writer’s Guild Foundation’s: Veteran’s Writing Project; he's certified by the Academy Nicholl Fellowship as a Diverse Script Reader and is a VME - AT&T Veterans Media Fellow.

Michael is currently developing his first feature film, The Art of the Kill: a coming of age family drama about military cadets romanticizing war on the eve of the September 11th attacks. He is also a showrunner in post-production for the TV pilot: Lost the Lead, an absurdist comedy about police swatting and video-game influencers.

You can contact Michael directly at MHJohnsonDP@gmail.com.



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