Michael Hyon Johnson is a half black, half South Korean Air Force veteran and writer/director. He's produced award winning narrative short films, music videos, and branded content for BuzzFeed, Machinima Inc, and is the co-founder of the video production company Story Mode. His first web-series, PreGame Lobby was distributed by Machinima, Inc and has garnered a cult following.

Michael earned a MFA from Chapman University and is the winner of the M Film Lab 2022 Spring program. His winning short screenplay, Black Metal  tackles a coming-of-age story of a African-American pre-teen and his desire to perform as a metal musician in a conservative town in Colorado. Black Metal is currently in production with support of Open Screenplay.


He was also selected as a mentee the Netflix Animation Foundation's writing program, the Writer’s Guild Foundation’s: Veteran’s Writing Project;  and is a VME - AT&T Veterans Media Fellow.

Michael is currently developing his first feature film, The Art of the Kill: a coming of age family drama about military cadets romanticizing war on the eve of the September 11th attacks. He is also a showrunner in post-production for the TV pilot: Lost the Lead, an absurdist comedy about police swatting and video-game influencers.

You can contact Michael directly at MHJohnsonDP@gmail.com.



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